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(Hed) P.E. Waiting Bundle

(Hed) P.E. Waiting Bundle

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This album marks a return to the cherished G-Punk sound that  (Hed) P.E. fans know and adore. When listeners hear this record, its familiarity will be striking because it encapsulates the essence of  (Hed) P.E. The 'DETOX' album embarks on a spiritual journey from a state of chemical enslavement to self-liberation, and then, ironically, back again. I composed this from an intimately personal standpoint, as I grappled with addiction throughout my life. On this album, I'm unapologetically candid, addressing topics such as sexuality, substance use, and a hardcore lifestyle. I've incorporated more rap elements, and the music is notably heavier and thrash-oriented. I discovered the inspiration to delve into some gritty subjects. This album truly grants the audience what they've longed for, without compromising artistic integrity. The album's title, 'DETOX,' stems from a period post-pandemic where I found myself engulfed in a sea of red wine, attempting to make sense of my thoughts amidst the influence of various substances in my mind. At a critical juncture, I confronted my struggles with substance abuse. This inner battle became the focal point of the album's narrative, addressing a topic I'm all too familiar with… addiction.
-Jared HED pe-



  1. No Way Out
  2. DETOX
  3. Waiting
  4. Too Late
  5. This Dream
  6. Compromise
  7. Rat Race
  8. Going Nowhere
  9. Pour My Wine
  10. PCH

Bundle includes:

  • 'DETOX' CD
  • (Hed) P.E. Logo Embroidered SnapBack
  • (5) (Hed) P.E. Logo Stickers
  • 252 Piece  (Hed) P.E. Puzzle
  • Digital Download of MP3’s of Album

Cover Art by Jim "Taz" Evans

*THIS IS A PRE-ORDER Hat will ship in 5-7 days and the rest of the bundle will be shipping DECEMBER 2023*
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